The Reefline

Brought to you by BlueLab Preservation Society.

Imagine a series of artist-designed artificial reef sculptures that stretch 9 miles long, just 600 feet off the Miami Beach shoreline. Winner of the Knight Foundation's Arts Challenge Award 2019, The Reefline will not only be a beautiful public sculpture park and snorkel trail, but will provide critical habitat for endangered reef organisms, and protect the beach from storm surge and sea level rise.

BlueLab, together with the City of Miami Beach, the Knight Foundation, expert marine biologists, researchers, architects, and engineers, will deploy the first phase in December 2020. Leandro Erlich's, Concrete Coral, an installation of 22 concrete cars submerged in the water, is the natural evolution and permanent underwater incarnation of Order of Importance, a site-specific "traffic jam" exhibition featured during Art Basel Miami 2019.

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